No Screen Time On a Sunday

So this happened in my kitchen on Sunday!20151109_070240

A few weeks ago, I realised we had fallen into a rut that I didn’t like, one that is not healthy for us. To unwind on a Sunday, I had been allowing the girls unlimited time on their electronic devices. I don’t want my children’s memories to be of Sunday afternoons spent in their own little world, staring at a screen.

After an early start and hours out of the house to attend church, we would only be home for a couple of hours before heading back to our churches evening service. So the short time we had at home, I would be happy for everyone to unwind and do something quiet, on their own, for then I too could do my own thing.

I announced on our way home from church a few weeks ago, that we are not having screen time on a Sunday. It only took a few minutes at home for them to find “something to do” 🙂 They have been playing make believe games, board games, reading, and now baking. All the fun things that these sisters love doing together.

They are having no trouble coming up with ideas, as you can see in the picture above. This past Sunday meant baking 🙂 Between the three of them, they baked two different recipes. And they made memories together, happy ones! And we were able to enjoy their efforts 😉

No screen time on Sundays has afforded me the time to get around to other tasks that the busy week keeps me from, such as cleaning out our bookshelves. We have four bookshelves in our two bedroom home. And they were overflowing with books! The past couple of Sunday’s I have been cleaning out the twaddle and making room for better, living books, ones that we will actually read :blush:

The above photo was how I found my stove after the event, and it made me smile, a big smile. That is why I wanted a photo of it. It doesn’t include the rest of the benches, or sink or table that was used 😉 Normally, I would help them in cleaning their mess, but once their cooking adventure was complete, it was back out the door for the evening church service and not to return for another five hours. It didn’t bother me at all having to clean up, knowing that they had such fun together this Sunday afternoon. They are learning and making special memories together.

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