Heat one tablespoon of coconut oil in saucepan, add about a quarter of a cup of popping corn and place lid on. Once Popping starts, hold saucepan and lid and give a little shake. Do this a couple of times during the popping process. Once popping slows, remove from heat and pour into a bowl. … [Read more…]

Curried Eggs

This is one our favourite family recipes 🙂 And the best part, all the girls love to help peel the eggs 😉 This recipe serves our family of 5 so adjust amounts as needed. 12 eggs 60g butter 2T rice flour 3-4c rice milk 1t Celtic salt 1t curry powder Put eggs on to hard … [Read more…]

History and Science Choices

History and Science are not subjects that I have always included in our studies. Not that it mattered that much while they were younger. Now they are getting older, we are able to include these two subjects in our weekly line up and we are really enjoying them. For several years I had read and heard … [Read more…]