Thunder Cake – There Is A Storm Brewing

So, we have had a storm every afternoon/evening, sometimes two, for the past week. And it’s not even summer! Yet!!

After five nights of storms, my youngest became a little apprehensive. She had been asleep in my bed for a couple of hours and woke to the thunder that was making its presence known. We watched the lightning, listened to the thunder, watched trees bending and bowing and saw the rain running down our window. She would have much rather to have been asleep, let me tell you.

The following day, she informed me that she had had enough of these storms and needs a break from them. Ahh they are sweet!

Then another storm brewed in the early afternoon. So I grabbed some books to read to her, ones that I had picked up at a second hand shop that morning. She liked that these books were “helping her forget about the storm”.

Thunder Cake

Then I remembered a book titled Thunder Cake. One of her big sisters grabbed it from our bookshelf and we enjoyed that book together. The story is of a little girl who is visiting her grandmother and is scared of storms. She helps her grandmother gather the ingredients to bake a cake. Her grandmother encourages her to face other fears while they prepare the Thunder cake. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is a great book for children who are scared of storms.

Often when my girls have been frightened by the weather, I have used this time to read to them. This is just another way to make special, comforting memories for them when they might otherwise associate fear with bad weather.

Next time a storm is brewing and headed your way, grab some books and get all cosy together on lounge and create some comforting memories with your little ones. I would love to hear what you do to help distract your children when they are frightened by the storms.

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