Friday Family Fun Night

Twelve months ago we started Family Fun Friday Night.  Previously we had been busy every afternoon of the week, so had no time to have a nice relaxing night where we could make special memories with the girls. We would arrive home between 6pm and 7pm and were always rushed to get things done, dinner, bath, books, bed. So having Friday night as our special family time, has been a real blessing to our family and a time that we all treasure and look forward to. In fact, my then 4yr old would count down til Friday! She loved our Family Fun Friday Nights!

So after the girls had been playing for the afternoon, they would then come up to get cleaned up. They then help me tidy the house, have their baths, and then help prepare the pizza (helping with the meals was something we usually didn’t have time for either so this was a big hit!).

Then we make popcorn and enjoyed that while we play a few card games (Bible Memory and Jonah Go Fish are the favourites here) or board games on our lounge room floor.

Once Daddy arrives home, we enjoy our pizza and chat about all the days happenings.

Then we will choose a game or two to play, depending on how long the game lasts. Or sometimes the girls decide that they would like to see video footage of when they were young or look at photos. All of our photos of them are digital and hubby has organised them all so its easy to locate and watch on our big screen. Some of our favourite games are Rummy with a deck of cards; Twister; Blokus; Pictionary; Junior Scrabble; Bible Trivia. Then its time for our bedtime routine, which includes books and singing. Once the girls are asleep (shhh don’t tell them its still early) it’s time for hubby and I to enjoy a movie and sometimes dessert.

So that is our Family Fun Friday Night. Special memories with our girls and date night for us 🙂

Do you have a night set aside for family fun? What activities do your family enjoy while having a night at home?

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