22 Times & Ways You CAN Fit Reading In To Your Day!

22 Times & Ways You CAN Fit Reading In To Your Day!

Most of these ideas will allow to you read one chapter or fit in ten minutes of reading. A few of them, you may only read one page or have one minute. Either way, you will be able to read a whole lot more books if you are creative and use these little snippets of time.

Are you a homeschool mum? Or a stay at home mum? Or a work at home mum? Some of these will be easy for you. Probably not a good idea to read during your child’s wake time, though. Children are only little for such a short time. Enjoy them! Don’t miss out on their moments because you have your nose in a book. The books can wait, but children don’t. I hardly read at all when my girls were under school age, I wanted to enjoy and savor every, single, moment. Instead, when you are busy during the baby and toddler years, aim to read for 10 minutes a day. Just find somewhere, usually when they are sleeping, to read for 10 minutes. As my children grew and began reading themselves, it was a lot easier to read myself too. Usually, we all read at the same time.

I homeschool my girls so we are together all the time. I love it that way, in case you are wondering J So some of these suggestions don’t work for us. My girls have come to just about every appointment with me, and I am almost never alone in the car – we have had some of the deepest conversations while travelling in the car so I don’t use audio books then. Oh and I also watch their music and sports lessons whenever I can. So no, I don’t do all of these. I only do what I can, I want to enjoy my girls and I want them to know I enjoy their accomplishments and company too.

All seasons of a mother’s life are just that, only for a season. I would advise you to only do what you can. Don’t place reading over and above your role of motherhood. Just be creative to fit it in when you can. Oh and when they are grown, you may just be able to read for two hours every day without any interruptions. And oh how we will miss their noise then!

You can find this list as a printable on the Subscribers only page.

  1. Schedule half an hour every single day, even if it’s spread out over the day.

  2. Better still, find two half hour slots each day, and stick to it. Make it happen!

  3. Before Bed

  4. During your lunch break

  5. Listen to an audio book while cleaning the house

  6. While waiting for an appointment, always have a book tucked into you bag for these times

  7. Listen to an audio book while driving in the car

  8. Your child’s nap time

  9. Have a designated area/s for reading

  10. Instigate quiet reading/rest time early in the afternoons

  11. Listen to an audio book while exercising

  12. Keep a book handy at the table while you are teaching your kids, you may just able to read a paragraph or a page while they work on that math problem

  13. Morning Tea Break

  14. Listen to an Audio book while cooking dinner

  15. Find something you love. Drop it if you don’t like that book. Who says you have to keep reading it?

  16. Read while exercising, such as on a stationary bike or treadmill

  17. While your children are running and playing outside, read a chapter then

  18. Be sure to have more than one book going at a time. You won’t always want a deep, heavy book to read.

  19. Join or start a book club to help keep you accountable

  20. When waiting for your child’s music or sport lesson to finish, read a chapter here.

  21. Once children are tucked in bed and reading before lights out, you read then too. Enjoy a bubble bath at the same time. Or simply make yourself sit on the lounge and read a chapter, before you get up and finish off your nightly routine.

  22. First thing in the morning, get up half an hour earlier to read while the house is still quiet.

Do you think any of these ideas will help you to fit reading into your day? Drop a comment below. Or add another suggestion to help others.

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