My December Routine

Okay so December is nearly here. School finished yesterday. And Christmas preparations and celebrations are well underway. Time for me to write up, or type up, what I would like to accomplish on a daily basis. So here it is!

Morning Routine

  • Wake up and have my quiet time with the Lord
  • Computer work and check messages
  • Exercise at least 15 minutes
  • Shower and dress
  • Put on a load of laundry and swish and swipe the bathroom
  • Make bed and tidy bedroom
  • Prepare and eat breakfast with family
  • Check today’s activities and priorities and discuss with family
  • Spend 15 minutes doing household chores

Christmas Basket – which includes the Jesse Tree Devotional, see my post here about what we are including this year. Or see this post from previous years.

Then the real fun begins! Pick and choose from these activities below to ensure a lot of memories are made. There are no rules, you can pick as many as you would like. Have fun!!!

  1. Write on Christmas Cards or write Christmas letter
  2. Wrap presents
  3. Organise stockings
  4. Watch a Christmas DVD
  5. Play a board game
  6. Work on a 500+ piece puzzle
  7. Go swimming
  8. Bake Christmas goodies
  9. Organise Christmas food for any Christmas celebrations taking place this month
  10. Read for 1 hour for myself (can be spread out over the day), this is not a read aloud
  11. Organise social get togethers that we don’t get time for during the school weeks
  12. Make a time to see the Christmas lights
  13. Pick a day to take the girls out to the shops to enjoy the Christmas Spirit and have a special treat at Zarraffas 🙂

Before Bed Routine

I usually pick a time that I want to go to bed or that the girls need to go to bed, and work back from there. Try to have a consistent time for the evenings we are not out.

  • Girls come in from outside play, have showers and get cleaned up from the day
  • I bring in the days washing and prepare dinner
  • Enjoy dinner with the Christmas lights on, Christmas music playing and candles lit on the table
  • Play a family game, cards or board games
  • Half hour of family Christmas read alouds under the pretty Christmas lights
  • Girls read in bed for half an hour before falling asleep
  • I clean up the kitchen, if not already done
  • Computer work or catching up on messages
  • Read and relax near Christmas tree lights with hubby

This is my plan to turn to when I am not sure what needs to be done. I will not be following this strictly, it just gives me guidance. Like any good routine/schedule, I am not bound by it.  Do you have a list to help you through December?



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