Friday Family Fun Night

Twelve months ago we started Family Fun Friday Night.  Previously we had been busy every afternoon of the week, so had no time to have a nice relaxing night where we could make special memories with the girls. We would arrive home between 6pm and 7pm and were always rushed to get things done, dinner, bath, books, … [Read more…]

Enjoying The Outdoors

Naturally, hubby and I are not outdoorsy type of people :/ We have all girls, who naturally, like their parents, are very content amusing themselves indoors 🙂 Hubby’s family enjoy the great outdoors and we have spent many occasions with them and have many happy memories of outdoor activities including camping, 4WDriving, boating, having fun at the … [Read more…]

The Most Important Part of Our Day

  A ‘regular day’ for us would be everyone waking up and farewelling Daddy as he leaves for work at 7am, Monday to Friday. Then the girls and I do all kinds of fun learning and schooling activities, finishing anywhere between 1:30pm and 3pm, depending on the day. Three afternoons each week, we need to leave home by … [Read more…]