Get Organised Series – the Planner

Like I have said, I love planning! So of course I need a planner 😉 In the past I have used a hardcover diary that you purchase from a stationery shop or bookstore. Sometimes they have been huge and I have to leave it at my desk. Sometimes they are as small as my phone, … [Read more…]

Nature Walk – Bees In Trees

So this week we are back to school after a long seven week break, and going on a nature walk was on my list, but for various reasons it didn’t happen. I had planned for us to enjoy our walk and draw in our journal on Monday afternoon. However, a few things came up, one … [Read more…]

Picture books we love!

I love good picture books. Snuggled up with a little one or a few little ones on a comfy lounge with a few great picture books, is one of my favourite past times. What do I mean by great or good? Well in the Charlotte Mason homeschooling circle, they are referred to as “living books”. … [Read more…]

Allowing the Holy Spirit to Work in Us

“The Blood and the Spirit always bear testimony together. Where the blood is honored in faith or preaching, there the Spirit works; and where He works, He always leads souls to the blood. The Holy Spirit could not be given until the blood was shed. The living bond between the Spirit and the blood cannot … [Read more…]

Getting Organised for 2016

Happy New Year! Hoping you had a great Christmas and New Year break with loved ones. We certainly did! Our December was a lot busier than anticipated. With five family birthdays in December, both Christmas and end of year celebrations, we were super busy. Many special memories were made, ones that we will treasure always. … [Read more…]