Picture books we love!

I love good picture books. Snuggled up with a little one or a few little ones on a comfy lounge with a few great picture books, is one of my favourite past times.

What do I mean by great or good? Well in the Charlotte Mason homeschooling circle, they are referred to as “living books”. They contain worthy thoughts and inspiring ideas. The best way I can describe a living book is, do you as the parent, enjoy reading that book? Or do you dread it and hope that the kids won’t ask you to read it again? That is a sure way to detect a living book from fluff or twaddle.

Living books usually have beautiful pictures to look at and admire. One example of this is the Brambley Hedge series. Have you seen those pictures? If you haven’t, you are in for a real treat. Also, a living book will inspire the imagination with good and pure thoughts. Will help to build character and virtue in a child. And guide in developing good morals. Living books are ones that you are happy for your children to act out in their play time.

Each week, I will provide you with a quick review of one of our favourite picture books.

I Love You Because You're You

So this week, one of our favourite books is “I Love You Because You’re You”. This is a beautiful book that we were given during my first year of motherhood. A book that is now very dear to my heart. It describes a fox mothers love for her cub, and how her love for him doesn’t change. All throughout their days, regardless of how he behaves, she still loves him just the same. He is cross, happy, frightened, playful, sick, brave, all different feelings that children experience during their days. A lovely mother child bonding book.

As a bonus, since I have already mentioned it this week, is Brambly Hedge“.

Brambly Hedge


I first came upon Brambly Hedge at our local library a few years ago, thinking that it looked similar to Beatrix Potter. When we got it home and began looking through the book, I was immediately in love with the pictures.



The pictures alone can you lead on an amazing adventure.  It is like you are visiting the most amazing dolls house with gorgeous, intricate detail in every room. This is a book of beauty!



And as a side note, no one is too old to enjoy a living picture book, not a 10 year old nor a 20 year old, nor a 30 something year old. Great picture books are loved by all ages.

Please let me know what you think of “I Love You Because You’re You” and “Brambly Hedge”. Drop me a comment or send an email. If you are unsure if a book is a living book, ask me and I will do my best to help you decide. I am by no means an expert, but a fellow mother happy to help. Happy reading!


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