My Favourite Booklists

I often need a few new book ideas for my girls to read or to add to our read aloud pile. Thought I would add my favourite book lists that I consult.

1000 Good Book Lists

Ambleside Online – choose a level on the left, scroll down to look at the free reads

Sonlight – choose a grade, then pick and choose from history/geography, science, readers or read alouds

Heart of Dakota – choose a program

Higher Up and Further In

Old Fashioned Education – an overview of the whole curriculum click here.

Simply Charlotte Mason


These are not in any order of preference.

You don’t have to follow every recommended resource on any of these of lists.

I use these to create my own book lists.

You may need to pre read some of these before handing them off to your little ones. Like anything, you need to choose what is right for your family. Some books you will like and others you won’t. I haven’t read every book on every list here, but these lists have given me some great books to add to our reading.

Readers Specific for Grades 1 – 3

I find these lists are great for the first couple of years, while they are building up their confidence in reading.

1000 Good Books

Sonlight’s Grade 1 Readers

HOD Emerging Readers

Sonlight’s Grade 2 Readers

Sonlight’s Grade 3 Readers

HOD Level 2/3 Readers


Readers Specific for Grades 4 – 6

Around this level, I begin incorporating the Free Reads from Ambleside Online. Most of those are classics and I find children need to be competent readers to read these. I do still frequent the following lists to provide some easier reading material to go along with the more challenging classics. Just a note here, all of my children have been listening to me read aloud from classics since they were tiny, so the literary style is not foreign to them.

Free Read sample – scroll down to Additional Books for Free Reading. You will find a list of books there that could be used for readers. There are also easier books listed for readers at grade 3/4 and grade 4-6. There are so many great living books available for our children to read that I don’t want to waste their time on books that aren’t of as high a quality.

1000 Good books

Sonlights Grade 4/5 Readers

HOD Level 4/5 Readers – these are categorised into boy and girl interest

HOD Level 5/6 Readers – these are categorised into boy and girl interest

Hope this has helped you and provided you with more reading choices for your children. If you have any other book list recommendations that I haven’t mentioned here, please pop it in the comments below. Thanks 🙂



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