How I Make One Sonlight Core Work For All Three of My Girls

If you have ever looked into literature based curriculum, you will most likely have come across Sonlight. If this name is new to you, you can check it out here. The company is based in America and has a Christian worldview. They have packages for every grade level from toddlers right through to the end of high school, these packages are called Cores.

While it is recommended that children have their own Core, it is possible to combine children into the same Core. This is what I currently do. I read one core to all three of my children.

Well I read most of Core B a couple of years ago, aiming at my oldest daughter. My youngest daughter was too young to remember or even stay awake for the readings then. Core B is a perfect fit for children ages 6 – 8. As my younger two are those ages, I am currently reading Core B at bedtime so they are all hearing and enjoying those books.

Most of the books from the preschool cores and A and B have been read at some point over the past several years. We don’t mind revisiting favourites.

I don’t actually follow the Instructors Guide perfectly. I tend to use it more as an organised book list to read through. That way, I don’t feel like we are falling behind and we can go at our own pace. Once we finish Core B, I plan on moving onto Core C. Our preschool books are in a book basket in our lounge room, the girls pull them out and read them whenever they like.

We mainly use Sonlight Cores for Read Alouds and Readers. We cover the other subjects by using other resources, you will find other posts on my blog regarding these subjects including Bible, History, Geography, and Science.

I am using some of Core D with my oldest along with other chosen curriculum that suits us and our style.

Hope this helps 🙂


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