Cheaper Smoothie Recipe for Frugal Friday – March 13th, 2015

We love our smoothies here, most days, a smoothie will be made and enjoyed by everyone in the household 🙂

Over ten years ago, I began making smoothies mostly made of fruit. I am sure you know the ones, frozen banana, fresh apple juice and frozen berries. Yummo!! I still remember the first one of these I made. Frozen banana, frozen mixed berries and fresh apple. I had a well earned day of from my full time job. I felt like I was acting as a housewife, in preparation of beginning our family. I had cleaned our tiny little one bedroom place and sat at our breakfast bar to enjoy my fruit smoothie. Oh my, I was so relaxed, enjoying the beautiful weather, sun streaming in and the smoothie? Well, I was hooked!! Yummo!

Then fast forward a couple of years and we were introduced to smoothies made on nuts and seeds. We lived on these for a few years, but they weren’t always a favourite with everyone, or their digestive systems. One of my favs then was pumpkin seeds, water, frozen banana, dates and a big heaping of spirulina powder. Oh my, now my taste buds are asking for one! So that led to led to rice milk as our base. This is where we comfortably sat for a few years. Rice milk, sometimes I added yoghurt, frozen fruit – berries or mangoes, honey, at different times I would add a superfood such as flaxseed oil, or flaxseeds themselves, or super green powders.

Welcome Trim Healthy Mama in the end of 2014 and I began making smoothies on unsweetened almond milk instead of rice milk. Finances were getting a little too tight to be able to use Almond Milk in everyones smoothie every day. So I decided to use water with the yoghurt and see if anyone noticed. Yeah I know, it sounds pretty gross. Guess what? They didn’t notice lol

Here is the basic smoothie recipe I use, that doesn’t cost too much:

2 cups of cold water

4 huge dollops of natural/Greek yoghurt

2 cups of frozen fruit – strawberries or mangoes are our favourites

1 spoon of pure honey or sugar free jam

Blend and enjoy.

These amounts are estimates (I don’t measure while tossing the ingredients into my blender) and there is plenty for my three children. They will usually have this for their mid morning snack or if we are heading out early in the morning, this will be their breakfast. I usually serve the smoothie in a glass with a lid and straw to prevent messy spillages that are not fun to clean to up. Which is fantastic for drinking while doing school and travelling in the car.

I would love to hear your ideas for budget friendly, healthy smoothies. Please leave a comment below.


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