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Amelia Ellicott's Garden

Oh my! I am so excited about this book!! This one has to be one of my all time favourites. Apart from I Love You Because You’re You.

My eldest was gifted this book on her first birthday. And I still remember reading it to her for the first time, cuddled up on our floral lounge, in our tiny one bedroom mobile home. Eleven years later, it is still one of my favourites. And I still read it any time one of my girls pull it off the shelf.

This is a delightful story of friendship between neighbours. Amelia Ellicott lives with her cat, Mustafah, and her house is one of the last ones remaining in her street. Blocks of flats are going up all around her. She tries to hold onto whatever she can, memories of her life when she was younger and her street wasn’t so busy and chaotic.

This book provides a gentle introduction to the multicultural society we live in. It also provides a contrast between the fast paced city life and the slower relaxed country life.

I recommend every child have access to this book.

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