A Charlotte Mason Companion

So this arrived yesterday afternoon! I am so excited to finally have a copy of this 😀

CM Companion (Medium)

It was a few years ago that I first heard about Charlotte Mason and her philosophy of life and educating children. And during this time I have seen many books referenced, to help in the CM way, Karen Andreola’s being one of them.

I was blessed with a monetary gift for my birthday a few months ago, and wasn’t sure what to use it for at the time. Anyway, last week, I decided!

We pulled it from our letterbox on our way to swimming lessons, and oh my, that meant I had to wait another two and a half hours until I would be home again to be able to read it, or at least begin leafing my way through. So I had a sneak peak at the contents and was interested to read: A Self Education; Bickerings; Reading by Sound and Sight; Simply Grammar; Hero; Summer Series for Country Folk; Mother Culture. All of these topics are of interest to me right now. I had no idea she had 49 chapters!

Needless to say, as soon as were home, I headed straight for the lounge and began reading 🙂


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