Who Me? Have Tennis Lessons? With The Tennis Coach?

Okay now lets get one thing straight – I am not your typical sporty type gal. In fact, I was the high schooler who would purposely forget to take her sports uniform on PE day, because if you didn’t have your uniform, you couldn’t participate in the sports 😉 I would be given 100 lines to write out about how I must remember to bring my sports uniform. Oh duh, of course I was going to choose to sit in the shade and write out lines rather than run around getting sweaty and dodging being hit by a ball. Oh and by the way, I am sure it was no surprise that I was one of the last ones picked for team sports during my school years :blush:

As a grown up, my ideal way to spend an hour would be shopping or sitting in a coffee shop or reading a book to myself or my children or playing a game with them, all in the comfort of our own home. I would not think “Oh hey, lets go out in this heat and run around and get all sweaty and stinky, and see if we don’t fall over and hurt ourselves.”

So I have a couple of athletic children who have lots of energy to expend. I am most definitely happy to take them to sports lessons and encourage them to be active during our day. Exercise is important! Right?

My friend and I were chatting one day about trying to fit in some form of exercise while we have little children. A family member suggested we join her and have tennis lessons. I thought this would be a great opportunity to have a regular catch up, our children could play, and we get some exercise in :big smile:

Hubby was very supportive. So off I go for the first lesson. Eight lessons later and my friend hasn’t managed to turn up. But…

  1. I am getting fitter
  2. My girls are seeing the importance of “mum exercising”
  3. I can actually hit a tennis ball over the net and in!
  4. It’s really nice to be having this time with my beloved family member 🙂
  5. Oh and now I could probably watch a tennis match and be interested in it!

And yes I have been hit by a tennis ball, from my own racquet. And yes I have fallen over, before I even entered the court. I managed to come away with a skinned knee and some bruises. Ouch! (haven’t had a skinned knee since I was kid) I actually see myself developing character that I would otherwise have not thought necessary. I think that can happen to all of us when we are out of our comfort zone, if we allow it 🙂

What can you learn, that will push you out of our comfort zone?


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