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Does the word ‘goals’, make you want to run the other way? Well hopefully I can give you a few tips to make goal setting really simple and easy to do. I am not a professional at this by any means. I am just sharing what I have learned 🙂

I have just completed Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings, and goal setting was a topic in that series. We were asked to think of a few major areas of our life and set one or two goals. I ended up going one step further and spent three days deciding upon my ‘major areas’ and what goals I would like to achieve in each of those. During this time I met Michael Hyatt. Well not in person, but I met him online 🙂 I had never heard of him before, and chances are, you haven’t either. I listened to a few of his podcasts or webinars and they really helped me to break down my goals and set realistic ones.

First thing I learnt, goals need to be written down. Well that’s easy, I love writing lists and I love writing notes to myself.

Second thing – end dates should all be different! Why? Because otherwise if you have 6 goals all due say by Easter, the week leading up to Easter you will be scrambling around trying to reach all of your goals. Then you will not enjoy Easter like you deserve, because you will be feeling defeated, because you didn’t reach your goals. So you will likely feel like a failure, and throw the whole goal setting in the bin.

Third thing – do not set any more than 10 goals – between 5 and 7 is probably a good place to start. Once you achieve one of your goals though, you get to create a new one. How exciting is that?

Fourth thing – review frequently. Oh my, I know this is where I have gone wrong before. I would write them down and never look at my list again (probably because I lost my list, with all of those other lists I have lost). At the moment, while my goals are new, I am reading over them once, sometimes twice a day. This really helps me to see if I am on track and where I need to tweak. Reviewing each day helps me in planning my day. Knowing what I need to be doing or keeping up with. It serves to remind me of my priorities.

Oh and one other thing, it is okay to change your goals. Change the end date or make it more realistic. I am definitely not saying you can give yourself permission to change every goal by adding another six months to complete them. Just make the necessary changes, because life happens and sometimes we have no control over certain things.

Here is a free printable that may help once you have set your goals and know of a few areas that you really need to work on each day. It’s called the 100 Days Calendar. You can choose three items to work on each day, and tick them off when you do them, that way you can see your success by your ticks. For example, say one of your goals is to read a couple of books this year. Break that number down to how much you need to read each month, and then daily. Each day that could break down to reading for 10 minutes. So that could go on your 100 days calendar. Another one could be to drink more water. Most adults need to drink 8 glasses a day, so that could be another daily goal. Or how about exercise? You know you need to exercise. So how doable is 10 minutes of exercise each day? Just put that on your 100 days calendar too.

Free goal setting printable. I just used some blank pages in my planner, but if you want to have a look at a printable to guide you, then check out this free one.

Let me know how you go with your goal setting. Just choose a few main areas in your life, and set a goal. Have fun!

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