Curried Eggs

This is one our favourite family recipes 🙂 And the best part, all the girls love to help peel the eggs 😉 This recipe serves our family of 5 so adjust amounts as needed. 12 eggs 60g butter 2T rice flour 3-4c rice milk 1t Celtic salt 1t curry powder Put eggs on to hard boil. Melt butter in saucepan. Add flour and whisk. Gradually add a little milk while whisking with butter/flour paste over heat, to make a sauce of desired consistency. Then add salt and curry powder. Adjust to suit desired taste. Once eggs are cooked and shells removed, chop and place in sauce. Serve over cooked brown rice with steamed vegies or salad on the side. Sometimes I chop the egg directly onto the rice already plated up, then I pour sauce over the top. Alternative: this week we had some leftover sausages that I added to the sauce. Yummo!!!

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