Christmas Shopping With My Daughters

It is Saturday morning and the house is all quiet. My oldest daughter is the only one awake, she is preparing her Christmas shopping list.

Today, her and I will spend some quality time together, shopping for loved ones for Christmas. Yes it is only early November, but this same girl actually inspired me at the beginning of September, to set a goal for having all our Christmas purchases bought before December comes. Thanks to her encouragement, we are on target!

The past couple of weeks, I have taken one daughter at a time, out for the morning. It has been a very blessed time. An activity that is new to us, my mother heart wants us all to be together, all the time. But as my girls are growing up, I realise that it’s important that I take the time for them individually too. For this gives them opportunity to truly share what is on their heart 🙂 and know that they have mummy’s undivided attention.

So my daughter, who will be turning eleven next month, has already purchased some gifts online via Ebay. Today, our plan is that she will finish her purchases during our shopping spree this morning. We will of course stop and rest our weary selves at a coffee shop for a special drink and some yummy treat to share 🙂



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