Back to the Classics Challenge 2016

  BackToTheClassics2016   So as the title suggests, this is a challenge. A challenge that I am willing to take up. Towards the end of 2015, I had read about the Classics Challenge put out by Karen at Books and Chocolate (don't you love the name?) Mmm... I have chocolate stashed away actually, and I have books, maybe that's where I will be later today. Anyway, I was really intrigued. I had never read many classics before, so I flittered around the blog world and oohed and aahed over what others were reading for the classics challenge. I have decided to jump in, boots and all and take up this challenge this year. Some of the categories have changed from last year. You can read more about the rules over at Karen's blog. I have worked on this list for over a month now! Without any further ado... Here are the books that I intend to read: My list of books:
  1. 19th Century - Westward Ho* 
  2. 20th Century - A Man for all Seasons*
  3. Woman author - Little Women or Girl of the Limberlost
  4. A Classic in Translation - Imitations of Christ* 
  5. Non- white Author - Go Tell it on the Mountain
  6. AdventureRobinson Crusoe
  7. Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian - Utopia*
  8. Detective - ? Not my preferred genre, so may not fulfil this category
  9. Name of a place in the title - Anne of Green Gables or Watership Down or Wuthering Heights.
  10. Banned or Censored - Paradise Lost*
  11. Re read a classic you read from high school or college - Ha! We didn't read classics in high school. So I am choosing Shakespeare's Hamlet*. I have never read any of Shakespeare and this is on AO's book discussion.
  12. A Volume of Classic Short Stories - Just So Stories or one of Langs fairy books
Books marked with an * are to be read in a book discussion at Ambleside Online. Discussing books with others, whether or not I am an active participant in those discussions, helps to keep me on with my reading priorities. A couple of these I will be reading to my girls. I am allowed three children's books in this challenge. For this challenge, it doesn't have to be twelve books, it could be six books or nine to qualify as fitting the brief. This does not complete my reading list for this year. I have other books that I am reading this year, which I may write about later. This challenge is to ensure I am including classics in my own reading. Okay so here goes... Are you going to join me? I would love to hear from you!!! Please tell me if you are joining in this challenge or if you are inspired to read any classics.


  1. I love reading everyone’s choices. Re detective, – I’d recommend The Man in the Brown Suit or Secret Adversary are by Agatha Christie. I’m not that keen on her generally but these two are stand alone books & enjoyable reads.

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