Nature Walk – In Our Own Backyard

As the title suggests 🙂

A few years ago I discovered the beauty of nature walking. I have tried various ways to ‘make’ it happen, but none seem to work. Then I forget about it… for ages. Then I begin to feel guilty that I am doing myself and my children a disservice. I have found the secret…. Ready?….. Shhh…. look in our own backyard! There! What do you think of that? We are blessed to live on acreage which includes Australian bush and a river at the back of our property. There is an abundance of nature to observe right on our doorstep, or should I say, right in our backyard.

IMG_7355For the past week, my girls have been watching, with a very keen eye, and waiting for these goose eggs to hatch. Every afternoon after our days activities, they run down to see if the eggs have hatched.

IMG_7363   This is the goose that laid the eggs. She is not too interested in sitting on those eggs, regardless of whether or not my girls are there. She would rather be off socializing with the few ganders who reside in the same pen.

IMG_7372 (Medium)

Here is Mr Rooster, awaiting his new hens who are arriving in a few days.



And the last of the ducks, who rule the top corner of the chicken pen. No one wants to go near them!

The past couple of Saturdays, the girls have spent hours playing down in the chook pen. They and their cousins, who live on the same property, are on a mission to have this goose sit on her eggs and keep them warm. I think they are beginning to realise that perhaps these eggs are not going to hatch. Thankfully, there are another two geese who are sitting on their eggs and keeping them warm, as they are supposed to 🙂

IMG_7376 (Medium)Have you been inspired to look in your backyard? I would love to hear about it 🙂



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