I Am Learning Latin! And Loving It!

Okay so after a lot of research, I decided upon teaching Latin for my 5th Grader as her grammar component.

Rewind to September 2014 and she had completed her spelling curriculum for the year. I felt like her and I both needed a change rather than more spelling to finish the year off with. We had just worked through four levels of spelling in a couple of years, as soon as we finished one level, we moved onto the next. So we started Latin using the book Getting Started With Latin. We both found it fun and exciting! We would spend about five minutes together on the lounge and completed one or two lessons a day.

Latin (Medium)

Fast forward to September 2015 and we were only up lesson 30. How did that happen? Well life happened, as it does. She was not enjoying Latin now and actually began to complain about having to “do Latin”. My bad! I had not put the effort into teaching this as it deserves. So here is how we do Latin now:

  • I have allotted 20-30 minutes daily, five days a week.
  • I have an exercise book and I am learning Latin too! We both write in our notebooks any nouns, verbs, adverbs, and we have a section for miscellaneous grammar. I feel like I am in high school again, sitting with one of my friends, ruling up tables with red pen in our books (such fun)
  • We made flash cards for some of the nouns and verbs in the beginning of the book and we were reviewing those at the beginning of our lessons. Now however, we only look at those flashcards when we need to (although, I am having a hard time keeping up with all the nouns we are learning, so we made need to make some more flashcards to help my memory)
  • We then translate the sentences, actually, umm, my daughter usually translates them and I check against the answers in the back. But I try a few myself before looking to the answers :blush:

I think we are going to need another curriculum in a few months as we will be finished with GSWL. I would love to hear what you have used or recommend we move onto next.

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