The Most Important Part of Our Day


A ‘regular day’ for us would be everyone waking up and farewelling Daddy as he leaves for work at 7am, Monday to Friday. Then the girls and I do all kinds of fun learning and schooling activities, finishing anywhere between 1:30pm and 3pm, depending on the day. Three afternoons each week, we need to leave home by 3pm to attend sport activities. By late afternoon you will find me preparing dinner to be ready by 6:30, while helping the girls get cleaned up from our day, and welcoming  Daddy home 🙂

There are many important components of our ‘regular day’. I think THE most important facet of all though, is what we call Bible Time.

We have Bible Time first up, once our chores are all done and everyone is ready for the day, usually at 7:30am. Then the girls run off outside for about half an hour to use up their energy, before we start school.

Last year I was searching for a Bible curriculum to use with my then 3yr old, 5yr old and 7yr old. I came across a Bible study called Foundations. We have been so blessed by it! It really has set a strong foundation for our days, and helped me to keep Bible Time a priority in our day. If we have to leave the house or go out sometime during our school time, we usually always still get to fit in Bible Time. I have made it for 7:30, so that’s quite early to still go out later to appointments or whatever. So even if we don’t get to our other subjects, we always get Bible Time done.

At the moment, this is what our Bible Time looks like:

Sing along with a Hymn – At The Cross – We are working through the book Passion Hymns for a Kid’s Heart. At one time while learning a new hymn, we read the corresponding chapter.

Memory Verse – a new verse each week. I love the Foundations suggestion for memorising verses. Each day is a new activity to help memorise the verse, illustrate, write, motions.

Bible Reading KJV– Matthew. Most days they have a colouring picture to go along with the story. I find most of my colouring pages at Calvary Curriculum. This helps to keep busy hands busy!

Bible Drills – Tuesday and Thursday. The girls love this!!! We all have our own Bible especially for Bible Time. They didn’t cost much. We highlight our verses that we have memorised and use this Bible for our drills. Each girl, even my 5yr old, loves to participate in our Bible drills. I help her find the book first, then she is off to race her big sisters.

Leading Little Ones to God – on days that we have time while they are still colouring. We read through this last year, so we are reading it through for a second time. This book has taught the girls so much, and many wonderful discussions have been had.

A Child’s Book of Character Building – they colour the picture while I read. We don’t do this one every day. Sometimes I will read this before our bible reading, that gives them more time to finish their colouring in.

Each girl, and mum 🙂 have a pink folder that we use during Bible Time. More on this folder in another post!

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