Nature Walk – Bees In Trees

So this week we are back to school after a long seven week break, and going on a nature walk was on my list, but for various reasons it didn’t happen. I had planned for us to enjoy our walk and draw in our journal on Monday afternoon. However, a few things came up, one being a contractor here looking at a problem with our oven.

Thankfully, my girls don’t need me to take them outside to observe nature. Nor do I need to remind them to do so. They just naturally do enjoy and observe their surroundings.

After I had seen to a few things, and the oven man had left, my girls had been enjoying the outdoors for a couple of hours. They enthusiastically told me about some bees they had found. A bee hive, they claimed, very high up in a palm tree.

One of my daughters came into the house to grab my phone to take photos of their find, and even a short video 🙂





The bees are difficult to see in the photo, but there are a pair of lovely birds 😉



It is so important to just let life and learning happen. Yes it is good to have plans and endeavour to follow them, but sometimes, things happen that are beyond our control. It is then that we need to let go of our plans and let God. Allow God to provide the natural learning to take place. Allow Him to show your children beauty that you may not have noticed…ahem…I would not have noticed a swarm of bees high up a palm tree!

How can you allow natural learning to take place this week?

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