Nature Walk – Baby Praying Mantis

IMG_7484 (Medium)IMG_7483 (Medium)IMG_7489 (Medium)IMG_7490 (Medium) Okay so look what we found? Can you see them? Baby praying mantis! These were a very exciting find in our yard this weekend. We usually see the adults up to around 12cm long and a beautiful green. So to see these babies so tiny, only about 1cm, and white in colour, was simply amazing. You will have to look intently! Some photos have one and some photos contain three of these beautiful babies. They run extremely fast! So I had to be quick to get some shots of them.


    • Nadine

      Yes an opportunity like this could easily be missed! One of my girls actually found them 🙂 Daddy identified it for her. Then with exuberating excitement I was called to “Come look!” I went swiftly with my camera 😉

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